Yes, friends.  This post is back.  Today I am adding another chapter to my imaginary book called, All The Things About Motherhood That Other Mothers Don’t Tell You Whether Spiteful or Unintentional When You Tell Them You Are Planning to Start a Family – Chapter 2 – Freaking Laundry.

Late last night, after folding what I believe was basket number three of laundry (mind you, I “did” laundry on Friday), I debated with Hubby the possibility of imposing a uniform rule on “those” living under our roof.   There would be the uniform for school, after school uniform when there are no after school activities and a weekend uniform.  One outfit for each, try not to get it dirty and wear it until it becomes too tight.

Ok. Ok. Ok.   I realize that is completely unrealistic, but my children alone create one load of laundry every two days.  Their obsession with layering has me doing double duty with laundry.

Then there is Hubby.  He stayed silent during my single sided debate about uniforms.  He comes home from work and changes out of his suit into his T-shirt and pants.  At the end of the night, the clothes find their way to what he “thinks” is the closet, but is really just a chair and there they remain untouched.  Why untouched?  Because the next night he wears another T-shirt and pants who happen to greet the outfit from the previous night at bedtime.

Surprisingly, do you know what is absent from the laundry?  My clothes.  Subconsciously, I believe I have cut down on my own changes of clothes to cope with this issue.

And don’t get me started on towels and sheets.

Why didn’t anyone tell me I would be in charge of laundry for everyone in my home?  Of course it’s very natural for mothers to handle the laundry, but it certainly needs reminding when you are planning for baby.  Just a simple reminder would suffice, really!

So to all those couples who are planning a family.  I assume right now you can manage your laundry.  Send what needs to be pressed to the cleaners and the rest can wait until “laundry day”.  Enjoy it now, because when children arrive, Laundry Day is every day.

Now back to this uniform idea……..let me work on the details…….

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